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  • Arisen
    01. Vendetta Rising
    02. Rapid Free Fall
    03. Imperative Action
    04. All To Arms
    05. Predator Pursuit
    06. Noble Calling
    07. Renaissance Heist
    08. Undying Odysseus
    09. Obscurantia
    10. Unchained Reaction
    11. The Way
    12. Arisen
    13. Striving For Greatness
    14. Life Force
    15. Dharma
    16. Nostalgia (feat. Ewa Bajjo)
    17. Singular Journey

    From a far off land, many leagues across the oceans, a trio of wise young tunesmiths approached us bearing gifts in the form of Trailer Cues…

    They call themselves… TRUFFLE.

    X-It Music is pleased to present this collection from Amos, Marc and Ibrah to you.

    “Arisen” is a collection of primarily (but not solely) Hybrid Orchestral cues for epic Action, sweeping Drama and slick Sci-Fi. With great intros, unique sound design, and weighty backends, these tracks can help your protagonists overcome adversity, your villains up their ante and your projects bring home shiny awards.