TRUFFLE | Cyberian
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Cyberian Category: Music

01. Tartuffosso
02. Space Pop
03. Amon Ra
04. Celestial Mechanics
05. Cyberian
06. Artificial Evolution
07. Supernovae
08. Inner Illusions
09. Essentia
10. Strange Matter
11. Hyperborea
12. Redemption Crusade
13. Time Crusher
14. Pareidolia
15. Shambala
16. Lost
17. Death Note

This new offering from our friends at TRUFFLE has us leaving the terrestrial realm and diving into emotional depths of the unknown. (how’s that for a bit of flowery prose?)

With subtly retro synth elements. Cyberian tiptoes into Stranger Things territory while holding on to a modern sense of hopeful struggle and undaunted pursuit.
The main takeaway here is… Emotion.

As always, ALT mixes offer up intriguing sparseness with unveiled surprises.